Below are some documents and resources that may be helpful to agencies that are working to become more trauma-informed:


Listen to a webinar by Gabriella Grant on “APS Trauma-Informed Services for Elders with Abuse Histories” sponsored by the National Center on Elder Abuse

Resource Documents

Addressing Trauma in the Child Welfare System (PDF: 37 pgs., 1.3 MB)

Adverse Childhood Experiences One-Page Scorecard (PDF: 1 pg., 9 KB)

‘Between pain and nothing, I choose nothing’: Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use (PDF: 4 pgs., 74 KB)

Birth Parents with Trauma Histories and the Child Welfare System: A Guide for Child Welfare Staff (PDF: 3 pgs., 111 KB)

Birth Parents with Trauma Histories and the Child Welfare System: A Guide for Judges and Attorneys (PDF: 4 pgs., 111 KB)

Birth Parents with Trauma Histories and the Child Welfare System: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals (PDF: 4 pgs., 123 KB)

Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma: A Workshop for Resource Parents (PDF: 11 pgs., 115 KB)

Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit (Comprehensive Guide) (PDF: 44 pgs., 274 KB)

Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit (Supplemental Handouts) (PDF: 158 pgs., 4.3 MB)

Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit (Trainer’s Guide) (PDF: 144 pgs., 729 KB)

Creating Trauma-Informed Care Environments: Organizational Self-Assessment for Trauma-Informed Care Practices in Youth Residential Settings (PDF: 5 pgs, 303 KB)

Creating Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Systems (PDF: 60 pgs., 2.7 MB)

Creating Trauma-Informed Services: A Guide for Sexual Assault Programs and Their System Partners (PDF: 12 pgs., 844 KB)

Engaging Women In Trauma-Informed Peer Support (PDF: 86 pgs.)

Enhancing Substance Abuse Recovery Through Integrated Trauma Treatment (PDF: 14 pgs., 1.1 MB)

Factsheet on Trauma, Substance Abuse and Mental Health (PDF: 3 pgs., 58 KB)

Helping Children Cope with Violence or Disaster: What Parents Can Do (PDF: 20 pgs., 262 KB)

Helping Children in the Child Welfare System Heal from Trauma: A Systems Integration Approach (PDF: 41 pgs., 332 KB)

Improving Educational Continuity and School Stability for Children in Out-Of-Home Care (PDF: 9 pgs., 459 KB)

Models for Developing Trauma-Informed Services (PDF: 73 pgs., 434 KB)

Model Shelter Policies (DOC: 3 pgs., 70 KB)

Model Trauma-Informed Programs (PDF: 6 pgs., 41 KB)

Psychological First Aid for Families Experiencing Homelessness (PDF: 20 pgs., 3 MB)

SBCS Case Study on Trauma-Informed Services (PDF: 30 pgs., 902 KB)

Trauma-Informed Interventions for People Who Self-Injure, August 2011 (PDF: 11 pgs., 445 KB)

Trauma-Informed Organizational Toolkit for Homeless Services (PDF: 100 pgs., 22.4 MB)

Trauma-Informed Practices and AOD Tx Outcomes for African American Women (PDF: 9 pgs., 60 KB)

Youth Focused Trauma Informed Resources

Useful Links

The Anna Institute:

Beyond Trauma, Voices, Helping Women Recover, Helping Men Recover manuals by Stephanie Covington:

California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs technical assistance providers:

Danger Assessment: A validated tool to assess for lethality in domestically violent relationships. Assessments available in English, Spanish, Canadian French, and Portuguese.

Living Proof Podcast Series- Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care: Free podcasts related to trauma and trauma-informed care, produced bi-weekly by the University at Buffalo School of Social Work.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

ONTRACK Program Resources technical assistance, substance abuse treatment and prevention, and problem gambling awareness:

SAMHSA’s trauma-informed technical assistance:

Seeking Safety: A manual for PTSD and substance use disorder

Trauma-Informed Webliography from the Behavioral Health Education and Training Academy (BHETA), a County of San Diego Mental Health program: (PDF: 14 pgs., 124 KB)

The Case of Youth on Fire: A Trauma-Informed Transformation

Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence and Trauma

Understanding trauma could be key to success in Camden youth program